Romania Through Their Eyes

Romania Through Their Eyes – Damian Galvin

I’m happy to present to you the much awaited sixth episode of Romania Through Their Eyes, the first episode of the show’s second season — an interview with Damian Galvin, a Brit who left behind a job as a Design Manager at Aston Martin in order to live in Romania.

Damian moved to Romania four years ago and lives near Brasov where he manages properties (his own and those of his clients). He travels frequently through Romania to manage the various properties, and he also “commutes” between Romania and the UK, to keep his affairs there in order as well.

I’d initially planned to release this episode at the start of the month; busy schedules and editing issues intervened. However, the episode is so interesting that it’s worth the wait!

One last thing: the first season was broadcast in 720p. With this second season, I’ve started to broadcast in 1080p.


Released 11/25/11


3 thoughts on “Romania Through Their Eyes – Damian Galvin

  1. kellogs says:

    Yes!! Thank you! I am rather curious though about being 3 brits out of 6 people on RTTE; are they the most numerous 21st century colonists around here ? Gonna lose myself into it now


    • There are plenty of interesting foreigners from other nations as well, and I plan to find them and interview them.


  2. Cella says:

    A very realistic perspective on today romanian society, a good interview, and an interesting hour to spend with.
    And yes “living in Romania it’s a full time job”, I absolutely agree with that 🙂


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