An interview with Brian Clement and Anna Maria Gahns-Clement

Back in March, Ligia and I attended a retreat organized by Do Good Academy on a mountaintop in the region of Brasov, Romania. At that retreat, I sat down with the co-directors of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Brian Clement and Anna Maria Gahns-Clement, for an interview that focused on the questions asked most frequently about raw food by Romanians. The interview was then featured in the July episode of De Vorba cu Ligia, one of our web shows here in Romania. Since the interview was recorded in English, I thought you might enjoy it as well.

Romania Through Their Eyes – Mark Treon

Mark Treon and I sat down for a conversation about Romania on 7/8/15, in my studio. Mark has been coming to Romania since 1991, has made over 30 trips to the country and has also adopted a child here, which has bound him even closer to the country. He is now renovating three Saxon homes in the village of Richis and plans to turn them into an inn.

This is the tenth episode of “Romania Through Their Eyes”, a show featuring interviews with foreigners living in Romania. The show’s purpose is to get their impressions about the country and to start a dialogue which will lead to a greater understanding of the issues facing Romanians and Romania.

Music: “Ballade no. 4 in F minor, Op. 52” by Frederic Chopin, performed by Frank Levy. Track is public domain, obtained from

Released 7/13/15

Romania Through Their Eyes – Tom Lovelock (Second Interview)

Raoul Pop and Tom Lovelock

Four years and two months after the first interview with Tom Lovelock, we sit down for a second time and talk about Romania.

Tom Lovelock is a retired sales manager for Jaguar and an ex-policeman from the UK, who moved to Romania together with his wife five years ago (at the time of filming this episode).

This is the ninth episode of “Romania Through Their Eyes”, a show featuring interviews with foreigners living in Romania. The show’s purpose is to get their impressions about the country and to start a dialogue which will lead to a greater understanding of the issues facing Romanians and Romania.

Music: “Ballade no. 4 in F minor, Op. 52” by Frederic Chopin, performed by Frank Levy. Track is public domain, obtained from

Released 4/17/15

Romania Through Their Eyes – Debbie Stowe

Episode eight of RTTE is now live on YouTube. This month you’ll see Debbie Stowe, a British journalist, who’s been living in Romania for the past 9 years and has found her home, her partner and her career here.

Released 3/19/12

Enjoy the insights!

Romania Through Their Eyes – Odessa Toma

Episode seven of my interview series, Romania Through Their Eyes, is now live and can be seen on my YouTube channel. It’s an interview with Odessa Toma, an American from Louisiana who married a Romanian and moved to Romania. The interview recounts their story and the sacrifices they’ve made and are making in order to live in the country with their three children, two girls and one boy.

Released 1/4/12

If you’d like to keep in touch with Odessa and her life, here’s her blog. You can also find her on Facebook.

As always, I welcome your feedback!

Happy New Year!

Romania Through Their Eyes – Damian Galvin

I’m happy to present to you the much awaited sixth episode of Romania Through Their Eyes, the first episode of the show’s second season — an interview with Damian Galvin, a Brit who left behind a job as a Design Manager at Aston Martin in order to live in Romania.

Damian moved to Romania four years ago and lives near Brasov where he manages properties (his own and those of his clients). He travels frequently through Romania to manage the various properties, and he also “commutes” between Romania and the UK, to keep his affairs there in order as well.

I’d initially planned to release this episode at the start of the month; busy schedules and editing issues intervened. However, the episode is so interesting that it’s worth the wait!

One last thing: the first season was broadcast in 720p. With this second season, I’ve started to broadcast in 1080p.


Released 11/25/11

“The Princess Bride” cast reunite after 24 years

The cast of “The Princess Bride“, one of my all-time favorite movies, reunited recently for a photoshoot featured in Entertainment Weekly, and they gave a couple of interviews afterwards.

What a great movie, and what a great cast! I’m so glad the movie is still well-liked today!

Romania Through Their Eyes – Chuckk Hubbard

I published the fourth episode of Romania Through Their Eyes late last night. It’s an interview with an American, Chuckk Hubbard, who’s from Philadelphia.

Chuckk’s story is interesting, because he chose to come to Romania to be with his Romanian wife, Irina Hasnas. They met while in college. Irina was there on a Fulbright scholarship, and Chuckk was studying music composition. At the end of their studies, Irina had to return to Romania (it was stipulated in the contract of her scholarship), and Chuckk came with her. They’ve now been here for almost four years, and in the interview, Chuckk talks about his experiences during that time.

I need to apologize because some fragments of the video are out of focus. It was a camera malfunction which I didn’t notice until the editing stages, weeks after the shoot. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust focus in post-production, although it would certainly be a very useful feature for any piece of software.

On a more fun note, has anyone noticed a pattern in the release dates for the show’s episodes?

Episode RTTE-004-EN-HD
Released 5/5/11

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Romania Through Their Eyes – Tom Lovelock

The second episode of my show, Romania Through Their Eyes, has just gone live. This interview features Tom Lovelock, who is originally from the UK, but has spent a good number of years in Africa and the Middle East, most recently in Qatar. He moved to Romania with his wife six months ago, and they intend to stay here permanently.

As with the first episode, both English and Romanian subtitles will be available. In order to access them, you’ll need to see the video directly on YouTube, so either click on the video above, or click on the link below. Once on YouTube, use the CC button to select the language for the subtitles.


Episode RTTE-002-EN-HD
Released 3/3/11

Romania Through Their Eyes – Laura Tonlaveur

I promised it, and kept my word. Just launched a new show of my own that’s been in the works for some time. It’s live, right now, on my YouTube channel.

The show is called “Romania Through Their Eyes”, and it’s a series of interviews with foreigners — people who visited Romania, spent time in the country, and wanted to share their thoughts with me.

Episode RTTE-001-FR-HD
Released 2/1/11

The purpose of the show is to get their impressions about the country, and start a dialogue which will lead to a greater understanding of the issues facing Romanians and Romania. I’m hoping this will have an impact on the leadership of the country, and help them to focus their attention on issues that are of international relevance. Because, let’s face it, Romania’s reputation in the world isn’t exactly spotless…

This first interview is with Laura, who is from the South of France, and spent two and a half months in Romania in the fall and winter of 2010.

Thanks to YouTube’s CC option, I can provide two language tracks (English and Romanian) for each show. You’ll have to excuse my translation, I’m doing my best and it may not be as accurate as I want it to be, but at least it’s there. If there’s a need for subtitles in another language, get in touch with me and we’ll work together to get them up there.

My current plans are to put out one episode per month. As you know, I already film, direct, edit and produce my wife’s two shows (Ligia’s Kitchen and Quilling – The Art of Paper Filigree). There’s a significant time commitment already devoted to them. And you wouldn’t believe how much work goes on behind the scenes for one of these interviews… But, as I say in the video, if there’s enough interest, I’ll be glad to roll up my sleeves and get to work on more frequent episodes, like bi-monthly ones, or even once a week, who knows. It’s up to you — so if you like it, spread the word, like it, fave it, share it, etc. — get the word out!

Thank you!

Interviewed by Jen Consalvo

I was recently interviewed by Jen Consalvo about my photography. She’s conducting a series of interviews with selected photographers. The series, along with photos from each one, will be included in an upcoming book she’s writing, entitled “Love Your Photos“.

If you’ve been wondering why I write so much about Romania these days, you’ll find the answer in Jen’s interview.

Quoting from her intro:

“as i mentioned in my last post, i’m thrilled to kick off my interview series with photographer raoul pop. i think i first saw raoul’s work when he photographed a tech cocktail event in dc, and was quickly enamored with his style. raoul can turn a seemingly mundane scene into something completely eye-catching, romantic or exciting, which is why i’ve looked to his work for my own inspiration. his photos speak for themselves, but raoul was gracious enough to answer my questions with amazing energy and detail and provide some beautiful examples of his work. i hope you enjoy this interview and raoul’s gorgeous photos as much as i do.”

If you don’t know Jen, she works at AOL along with Frank Gruber, is involved with TECH cocktail, and runs her own projects from Shiny Heart Ventures — websites such as ThankfulFor, BodySoulConnect and Shiny Maine Lobster. She blogs at

Jen, thank you very much for the wonderful interview, and I’m very glad you find inspiration in my photographs! I wish you all the best in your endeavors!