Four years and two months after the first interview with Tom Lovelock, we sit down for a second time and talk about Romania.

Tom Lovelock is a retired sales manager for Jaguar and an ex-policeman from the UK, who moved to Romania together with his wife five years ago (at the time of filming this episode).

This is the ninth episode of “Romania Through Their Eyes”, a show featuring interviews with foreigners living in Romania. The show’s purpose is to get their impressions about the country and to start a dialogue which will lead to a greater understanding of the issues facing Romanians and Romania.

Music: “Ballade no. 4 in F minor, Op. 52” by Frederic Chopin, performed by Frank Levy. Track is public domain, obtained from

Released 4/17/15

One thought on “Romania Through Their Eyes – Tom Lovelock (Second Interview)

  1. Well, finally another “Romania through their eyes,” I have been waiting all this time. I too think it’s a tragedy that so many Saxon houses are collapsing from disrepair, but we should really blame the Saxons who up and left, not the Roma. I have been looking at a few Romanian real estate listings and my impression is that housing prices have gone up since I was there last in 2003. Of course, the old houses need a great deal of shoring up and renovation, so that’s an extra expense too. Then the next problem is you need neighbors or someone who will watch your property while you are gone or else some of your renovations might disappear. But still, mi-e dor de România!


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