Gaylord National Hotel’s Musical Water Fountains

We visited the Gaylord National Hotel back in 2008, after it and the National Harbor had just opened. These are two videos I filmed back then. The first is of the hotel’s musical water fountains and the second is of the National Harbor itself.

It’s been almost four years since this, and I still can’t get over that name… Gaylord…


2 thoughts on “Gaylord National Hotel’s Musical Water Fountains

  1. William Oglesby says:

    As of late, your emails have come to me with black boxes where your videos used to show. They appear, as above, when transferred to my browser. What do I need to do with my Apple Mail to get your videos to return to ‘mail’? FYI, I use an iMac and Safari.
    William Oglesby


    • Thanks for letting me know but I’m not sure what’s going on. I haven’t made any change in the way I post videos. I simply paste the video link in the body of my post and let the WordPress oEmbed protocol create the video embed code on the fly, when the post is displayed. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, and I even went back through my old posts and changed the embed code for those videos as well.

      Perhaps has made some changes to the way they send my posts via email. They always tinker around with the code, which is both good and bad, but mostly good. 🙂

      What can I say… if it continues to go on, please click through to view my posts in the browser, they’ll look better! 🙂


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