Corbu Beach

Corbu is a seaside village in Romania, with a nice, quiet beach where people go to camp and relax, away from the noise and bustle of the country’s popular seaside resorts.

I suppose in Corbu’s case the term “seaside” is somewhat exaggerated. The village is some kilometers away from the sea, so you have to do a bit of driving (or walking) through the open field to get to it, but the trip is worth it.

Corbu is actually on the shores of Lake Corbu, which is part of a network of inland lakes created by silt deposits from the Danube Delta.

The best example of this phenomenon is probably Lake Sinoe, on whose shores you’ll find the ruins of Histria, a once bustling seaside port (inhabited first by Greeks, then by Romans). Histria fell into decay as its access to the sea closed up because of silt deposits.

At any rate, Corbu Beach is a nice place to visit when you want a little bit of peace and quiet. Just know there are no bathrooms and no bars/cafes/restaurants on the beach, so you’ll have to manage on your own.