Corbu Beach

Corbu is a seaside village in Romania, with a nice, quiet beach where people go to camp and relax, away from the noise and bustle of the country’s popular seaside resorts.

I suppose in Corbu’s case the term “seaside” is somewhat exaggerated. The village is some kilometers away from the sea, so you have to do a bit of driving (or walking) through the open field to get to it, but the trip is worth it.

Corbu is actually on the shores of Lake Corbu, which is part of a network of inland lakes created by silt deposits from the Danube Delta.

The best example of this phenomenon is probably Lake Sinoe, on whose shores you’ll find the ruins of Histria, a once bustling seaside port (inhabited first by Greeks, then by Romans). Histria fell into decay as its access to the sea closed up because of silt deposits.

At any rate, Corbu Beach is a nice place to visit when you want a little bit of peace and quiet. Just know there are no bathrooms and no bars/cafes/restaurants on the beach, so you’ll have to manage on your own.

Selected photos from Vadu, Romania

The beaches at Vadu and Corbu, two adjoining villages on the shores of the Black Sea in Romania, are some of the last wild (more or less untouched) beaches on the Romanian seaboard.

Vadu has recently been made part of a large natural reservation called Rezervatia Biosferei Delta Dunarii. Nothing has changed as a result of that, except some hefty fees now get levied on every visitor to the beach (20 RON/person/day and 100 RON/car/vacation).

I don’t know where that money goes, and what good, if any, it’s being used for. Perhaps it goes to pad someone’s pockets, as is often the case in Romania. What I do know is the fees are expensive, and the garbage left by some tourists still doesn’t get picked up by the park staff, as you’ll see in pretty much any of the photos shown here if you look carefully. It seems the paramount concern of the park staff is to make sure every person that enters the beach area pays their fee.

The landscape is very flat near Vadu. As far as the eye can see, the fields are wide, flat as a pancake, and the horizon is but a thin line, far, far away. Dobrogea, the province where Vadu is located, is a flat place, it’s true, but it does have gentle rolling hills, gorges and the oldest mountains in Romania (they may look like hills, but they’re mountains). (See my Dobrogea gallery for more photos from the province.)

When we visited Vadu, we didn’t have time to stay and spend a day there, but we did take some time to walk on the beach, and through the barren fields near the beach.

The sunset was beautiful that day.

Spring on the beach in Saturn, Romania

While traveling through the southeast corner of Romania one day, very close to the Black Sea, we decided to make a stop on the beach between the seaside resorts of Saturn and Venus. I have fond memories of these places, as my family and I vacationed there during my childhood.

Green and red algae

Venus, Romania

This particular beach where we stopped had a wide swath of sand accessible from the main road. Since it was still spring, and still quite cold and windy, the beach was deserted. During the tourist season, cars aren’t allowed to park on the beach, but when we arrived, nobody seemed to mind — nobody was around to mind things, anyway. So we pulled our car right next to the sea and spent a bit of time walking up and down, breathing in the fresh sea breeze and taking in the scenery.

Saturn, Romania

I recorded a short video clip, and took some photos of the beach and of my wife. I had quite a bit of a throat cold at the time, so you’ll hear a pretty hoarse voice on the video’s audio track. You can also see the video below, or in my Video Log set at SmugMug.

Her smile

At the beach

See this video on or at SmugMug.

Saturn, Romania

Venus, Romania