Gathering Wild Garlic

Wild garlic leaves make a delicious soup in the spring, they’re wonderful in salads and they’re packed with healthy nutrients, since they grow in rich, pesticide-free forest soil. Here you can see Ligia picking wild garlic this past spring, in a forest near Medias. The forests near our town are full of them!

Spring is almost here and if there’s a forest near you, go pick some wild garlic! The soup is finger-licking good, especially with nice, home-made bread on the side.


5 thoughts on “Gathering Wild Garlic

  1. Cella says:

    Can we have the recipe for that “finger-licking good” soup? I’m a fan of wild garlic but I only eat it in the salad. I would be very grateful if Ligia could tell us the wild garlic soup recipe. Thanks in advance!


    • Just talked with Ligia, sounds like a great idea. When we’ll go pick some this spring, we’ll make a Ligia’s Kitchen episode about it.


      • Cella says:

        Thanks a lot, I look forward to watch it! And not only me, I’m very sure of this 🙂
        God bless you!


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