San Diego in 2006

We visited San Diego in late winter 2006. That matters purely for date-keeping purposes, since the weather in San Diego is famously constant and pleasant throughout the year. And so it was while we were there; I think it drizzled a bit one day and the rest of the time it was sunny and pleasant, in the high 60s and low 70s.

We loved the port area and that’s where we spent most of our time, although we ventured into the hills and the rest of the city for a bit. Ligia in particular loved her time there and still praises the city and its wonderful weather to this day, six years later.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


4 thoughts on “San Diego in 2006

      • Larry Hirschhorn says:

        Hi Raoul,
        If you’re asking how I liked San Diego, I loved it. It’s one of the nicest cities in the USA to live and definitely has the best weather of all the continental states. By the way, there is a decent size Romanian community there. I would enjoy meeting with you and we can talk more by email for now. I guess I have a story for you but I do not think I would make a good candidate to interview for Romania Through Their Eyes, which I have just found the other day and have started to watch those interviews.


        • Good. Everyone has something nice to say about San Diego, and it’s nice to hear the same from someone who lived there 20 years. When you want to tell me your story (whenever) send me an email. I completely understand if you’re not comfortable sharing it on my show, no worries.


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