A sunset to remember

Back in 2006, when I got serious about photography, we went up to the roof of our apartment building and were rewarded with a beautiful evening sky and sunset. You know how it is, you always remember the first time, it seems more magical somehow, and this time it was no different. The sky and the sun looked gorgeous.


5 thoughts on “A sunset to remember

  1. gare hoerr says:

    not enough peaple take the time to look at what is around us anymore. this reminds me of the southern california emperiel vally sunset. uneducated point of view. love it


  2. Larry Hirschhorn says:

    they are boring. clouds and sunsets, unless you have another subject or distraction. are just dull and repetitious and a dime a dozen views. But is nice the way you used the sunset as the banner header here.


    • Larry, if you don’t see the beauty in a sunset or in the clouds anymore, perhaps something inside you is dying or has already died. Not trying to be dramatic here, but sunrises and sunsets are supposed to appeal to any of us, educated and uneducated alike. There’s a wow factor to the beginning and ending of a day.


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