Thinking of colder times

We’ve been hit by a serious heat wave during the past few weeks, with very little rain and ridiculously high temperatures (not normal for Southern Transilvania, where summers used to be a balmy 25-27 degrees Celsius when I was a kid). So I started to think fondly of colder times and gladly contemplated freezing weather — anything to escape the heat.

The photos were taken in Grosvenor Park.


5 thoughts on “Thinking of colder times

  1. kelogs says:

    hehe, nice thoughts you got there. As for me, I didn’t really feel it. That heat waves you were whining about – they stopped at my porch. Air conditioning for the win!
    But more seriously, don’t you live in a centuries old Sachsen house ? Doesn’t it have like, 1m thick walls ? I would have thought it had lots of thermic inertia, and picture it like a warmth panacea. Tell me! I will move in the area you live one day.


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