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The old Mercedes

Back in the States, we lived in a community called Grosvenor Park. Photos I’ve taken there are featured often on my website. It was a nice place, true to its name: it was a park with a brook, ponds, trees, all sorts of vegetation and even a little forest out back. In the parking lot next to our building, there was this old black Mercedes with a diesel engine. It always sat in the same spot and every time I saw it I wondered if I could have it. After all, its owner barely used it. There it sat, spring, summer, fall and winter, cobwebs under the wheel wells. You know what they say about cars and houses… if they’re not used, they go to pieces.


2 thoughts on “The old Mercedes

  1. kelogs says:

    only wondered about having it ? like, without ever talking to its owner ? Nice car. A neighbour of mine, no 78, used to tell me about a Mercedes he used to have back in the 60s. It was a thirty something model 🙂


    • Raoul says:

      We already had two cars and parking was difficult where we lived. It would have been a bit of a problem to get a third car. Not an issue now though, so if I see another, I’ll see what I can do to get it.


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