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What if money was no object?

That is a question every single one of us should ask ourselves, as early as possible in life, ideally when we’re still in school. It’s not too late for you now if you’re out of school. It’s just that it’s so important, you should do it as soon as possible. Asking it makes you aware of yourself; it raises you out of the dull routine of supposed life and supposed work that you thought you ought to be doing and opens your eyes to the possibilities that are out there. You’d be surprised how much of what we consider reality is just supposition — a matter of perception.

So, what if money was no object? What if income became irrelevant? What would you do with your life? Would you be willing to sacrifice a life of supposed luxury to pursue what you really love to do? It doesn’t have to be a permanent sacrifice, you know… It need only be for a while, until you get so good at what you do that the income will come automatically.

You only have one life to live, remember that, and for most people, it’s not that long. What would you do? Don’t you want your life to be fantastic? Don’t you want it to be amazing? I do. I want my life and Ligia’s life to be fantastic and amazing and spectacular and I hope that others want the same thing for themselves. We sacrificed a lot to be where we are today and yes, the effort was and is worth it, because we’re doing what we love.

As I was thinking about this tonight, a video appeared in my news reader, a video which talks about this very thing. Coincidence? I think not; we make our own fortunes.

Watch it and then take at least a few minutes (a few hours is better) to think about your life. What do you or did you want to do with your life? Are you doing it? Why not?

If you’re a parent, think about the life of your children. What are you pushing your children to do? Is it really worth it to impose yourself on them, only to have them blame you and avoid you later in life, when they discover they’ve been pushed down a path they didn’t really want? Do you want them to accuse you of manipulating them? There’s a thin line between guidance and dictatorial control when you’re a parent, and so many parents cross it…

The video is courtesy of the TragedyandHope channel on YouTube and it came to me via Likecool.


6 thoughts on “What if money was no object?

  1. kelogs says:

    >>Don’t you want your life to be fantastic? Don’t you want it to be amazing?

    Should it be fantastic and amazing ? I think this is yet another supposition. Most folks would want their lives to be as the nature thought it all out – I suppose, of course 🙂


    • That’s why there are few amazing and fantastic people. Because most don’t want to be or don’t think they can be.


  2. Stefan Ungureanu says:

    When money was no object… something else would replace the money or the object. I agree with the clip and that “reality is just supposition”, but the suppositions are the consequences of human limitations, which is a reality.


    • Stefan, human limitations are perceived limitations. The stuff we’re doing today couldn’t even be envisioned hundreds of years ago. It took little steps forward by visionaries to break through those perceived limitations, and they did it. As for the money being no object, it is a worthwhile question to ask and ACT UPON. If you’re doing what you love, the money will follow, but you have to be willing to sacrifice something for a while. It could be the money, could be the time, could be both. It is worth it.


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