On our upcoming sovereignty and stewardship

My thoughts on the new age of humanity that’s coming after this current madness. I’ve spoken about stewardship before.

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Released 26-04-2021
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3 thoughts on “On our upcoming sovereignty and stewardship

  1. Irina says:

    I really appreciate the time you took for replying. Thank you, Raoul!
    I don’t consider myself as being pesimistic, but yes, I’m finally realistic. This is because I think we followed the wishful thinking road too much so far and it took us to the current situation. All this time that we spent being christian, muslim, buddhist, agnostic, etc. took us apart as humanity. And, just like each one of us represent a small fraction of the Whole, if we will turn against one of the other fractions of this Whole in any way either by thought or action, then we would actually build a self-distruction program. This is what we actually did in the past and now we are experiencing the result. The problem is that we continue to do it still…
    My personal believe right now is that there could be benevolent beings out there helping us, but they couldn’t just came around within the last year. They should have been there since forever helping us, but they couldn’t stop the wheels to turn until reaching current situation. They are not allowed by God to interfere with our free-will, neither with our consequences, because we need to learn, so the help would be very subtle. Whether I believe that these invisible beings exist or not, makes no sense to me right now, as long as I believe in God and in the fact that my own vibration consolidated with our collective vibration would make us overcome this big trial in the end.
    Regarding this author, he is not at all “Godless”, but in fact he is very much into spirituality and he truly believes in this universal energy connecting everything that we call God, but not in the way that He is described in the religions of the world. Looking more closely to your comment, I would even say that you would resonate even more with these books, because yes, he also thinks that good and evil don’t exist outside our perceptions, but they are actually part of the same energy, so there’s no benefit in fighting what we perceive as bad.
    Please, don’t get suspicious to think that I’m trying to sell you these books. 🙂 I just feel a deep drive into bringing together all of us who think and feel similarly in order to share our thoughts and energies and get even more insights from each other. I really feel that this is the time for Together, not Apart. I feel like this is quite mandatory, because we will evolve at the beginning individually of course, by realizing there’s something very wrong to what we did so far, but mostly we would complete the process only by acting collectively from our own choice by getting over the differences.
    You can also get a glimpse into this author from his Youtube account ( There is also a Facebook group where we share information with each other and we have twice a week meetings on Zoom ( There are all sorts of people there, from all social levels. Maybe this would scare you away. Still, I’m sure that you realize that the intention is what matters and has the power to make the change. Maybe you will at least get curious. 🙂
    Have a warm and balanced day! 🙂


  2. Irina says:

    Hi Raoul.
    A few thoughts on your video.
    I really don’t think that the current situation will get to an ending soon. In fact, I think that this war on humanity is here to stay for some time, at least until 2025 and it will become more and more dramatic in the following months and years. AI (artificial intelligence) is currently learning from us, it will become more and more powerfull and will end up owning our lives if our choices will allow it. This could be because, as you already mentioned, people are not eager to change their perspectives and whenever they would get some time-off, they will just gladly return to their “old ways”, not to mention the level of ego that we are currently into. We cannot just change within 1-2 years the habbits of so many generations.
    And also, I think that a cause for this situation to continue is the fact that what we are experiencing now is the result of many years of ignorance and ego. This accumulated low vibration needs to be burned out somehow and we need to start moving towards high vibrations as of right now in order to build our future on a longer time span. Nothing is decided yet, as the change would be the contribution of each of us, but if it will eventually happen, it’s something that will happen gradually, with inevitable ups and downs, with big losses along the way, by reconfiguring ourselves under heavy conditions. This is in fact a real war, but with other weapons.
    I admit that I don’t believe in the 4D/5D rising under the influence of the Earth, Universe or any other entities, either extraterestrial or supernatural, because this world is of our own doing, no one can interfere with our free will and no one can and should do for us what we are not willing to do for our selves. In fact, I don’t believe in anything outside the consciousness of each one of us taken both individually and collectively, who are living and breathing today across this planet.
    I know that this forecast is not bringing you hope, not even on a medium time span, but personally, I think that this is the real challenge for each one of us to face today: finding our humanity, although the very next day would be uncertain from all perspectives to us.
    There is a book series written by a Romanian author that I would recommend to support my opinion:
    I would be very interested on your feedback regarding these books. 🙂
    Have a warm and sunny day!


    • Hi Irina. I understand your point of view and while it’s pessimistic, it sets you up nicely in order to “do your homework”. Each of us is responsible for doing it and no amount of external help will take away that responsibility. I would add, as I did in the video, that from what I know, we do have external help from benevolent ETs and from God. I believe there’s a greater plan for humanity where at the highest levels, both good and evil forces are used by God in order to drive our evolution forward and to make us better people. I do not share that author’s point of view, where he talks freely of demons and of negative forces at play on Earth, but says nothing about God. If you assume there’s a “devil”, then you must also assume there’s a God. Romanians in general tend to take a negative view of things anyway, so there’s only so much stock you can put into their take of things. My current reading list is big and it’s growing, so I doubt I’ll make time to read those books anytime soon. I’d rather not be fed someone’s negative hypotheses. My time is too precious to engage in that sort of self-sabotage.


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