Truly sustainable computing

Plenty could be written about this subject. I just want to call for change in two areas, because I believe they'd have the greatest impact here and now: Desktop computers should have a projected life span of 20 years. Laptops and mobile phones should have a projected life span of 10 years. Why 10 years [...]

A look at what’s ahead in terms of resources and the economy

The TED channel published two interesting videos recently which present two points of view about the Earth, in terms of its resources and economy. The first is from Paul Gilding, entitled "The Earth is full", and the second is from Peter Diamandis, entitled "Abundance is our future". I invite you to watch both [...]

Countering the effect of gravity

In 2005, I wrote an article entitled "Gravitational propulsion-levitation vehicle", where I detailed an idea of mine that I've had since 1997 or so, of a vehicle that could harness the gravitation field of the Earth and use it to move on the ground or in the air. Now, in 2009, I see that my [...]

A new perspective on the Earth

Last week, I got the following photos sent to me by email, but I don't know who put them together. But I think you'll agree they're interesting enough to share. They are progressive views of our planet, doing side-by-side comparisons of it and other planets and stars, in order to give us an idea of [...]