Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-15

The Simple Life: 1936 # Tweak Leopard's Hidden Features with Secrets [Featured Mac Download] # Intel to Answer AMD's Fusion? # iPods in Space! # Geeky Gadgets - Spy Camera Sunglasses # Geeky Watches - The 2GB Video Watch with OLED Screen # Credit sized gadget packs 6 USB [...]

Price wars are bad for everyone

I believe a lot in equitable pricing. A product's price should be able to net its creator a decent profit -- not a huge profit, not a tiny profit, because that makes it hard to go on, and certainly not a loss. That's why I'm really annoyed with the recent price wars in the hardware [...]

AMD plans "4×4" platform computer

In a move that's sure to make other computer makers uncomfortable, AMD revealed it's working on a 4x4 platform, which will pair two dual-core AMD chips with two dual-GPU graphics cards. This will be a boon to gamers, and I'm sure it will give the new Apple Power Mac successor a run for its money [...]