BMW 325i build quality problems

I put together a short video review of the build quality problems in the 2006 BMW 235i sport sedan. These are things like:

  • Rotting or loose rubber seams on the outside
  • Easily scratched/worn door handles
  • Faulty cup holders
  • Flimsy, easily melted cigarette lighters
  • Soft plastic finishes that disintegrate and scuff right away
  • Broken window shades
  • Plasticky, snap-together feel of ceiling consoles
  • Fading radio display
  • Various cockpit noises

Watch the video on YouTube |

As one of the commenters in a BMW forum puts it, it comes down to “BMW’s choice of low quality materials in high wear areas“. That is a wonderfully succinct explanation of the problem.

These things keep breaking down, they get replaced, then they break down again. If BMW would bother to add up all the service costs they incur for repeat repairs to the cockpit, they would realize it would be cheaper to make them better in the first place. This is my plea to them: start building better cars — a bad cockpit ruins the driver experience and takes away from the wonderful handling and performance of a BMW.


The 2007 MINI has just been unleashed

Holy mackerel! BMW’s just released photos and updated specs for the 2007 MINI Cooper. As I write this, the MINI website hasn’t been updated with photos or specs. You can’t build a 2007 MINI yet, although that’ll soon change. Call me crazy, but I think the exterior of my 2003 MINI Cooper S looks much better than the new 2007 MINI Cooper S. However, the new interior blows me away. Wow! What amazing changes, and how much cooler it looks now! I’m jealous, and in love. Now I’m torn. Should I get a new MINI at some point, or stick with old and true, though finicky and rattling friend?