A late winter snowstorm

One thing about winters is they don't like to leave. Just when you think they're packing to go back north, they settle back down for at least a few more days. And they're not shy about it, either. They'll let loose and bring on a bonafide winter storm. This particular one happened just about six [...]

Winter in Cabin John Park – Part 1

These hot summer temperatures are sure making me look at winter photos in a whole new light... So for the next couple of days, I'll feature winter scenes from one of the parks that we visited a lot while we lived in the DC area: Cabin John Regional Park. Enjoy!

Cabin John Regional Park

This summer, Ligia and I visited Cabin John Regional Park here in Potomac, MD. It's a lesser known park, and it doesn't really get as many visitors as it deserves, but it's a pretty beautiful place. To discover that beauty, you need to get off the beaten path, as is the case with many things [...]