A weekend in Manhattan

Ligia and I spent this past weekend in Manhattan, and got home around 1 am last night, completely exhausted. Was it fun? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Are we still tired? Yes. The trip out on Friday morning wasn't bad at all. The traffic was decent all the way through, including the Lincoln Tunnel. [...]

Happy 300 millionth, USA!

We turned 300 million today (people, that is) here in the grand old (or young, depending on your point of view) US of A. Yay! Lots of us to go around, all of us immigrants (although some would think otherwise). We love big, open spaces, big cars, big houses, big meals and given our experiences [...]

The new Tesla electric is a screamer

You may or may not have heard about Tesla Motors - if you haven't, you'll soon get an earful, and not just from me. There are plenty of other people (Wired News, Wired's Autopia, Jalopnik, LA Weekly, New York Times, USA Today, LA Times, SF Gate, Washington Post, CBS Evening News, American Public Media's Marketplace, [...]

Make the switch to a compact fluorescent light bulb

Environmental Defense is running a campaign to get 1 million households to replace their incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents. They're saying that if you swap out just one 100W incandescent bulb, you'll reduce your household's global warming pollution by more than 1,300 pounds. Alternately, "if every US household replaced three 60W incandescent bulbs in their [...]

Microreactor for biodiesel production

From Gizmag: "April 21, 2006 -- Another wondrous enabling technology has been announced - a microreactor, about half the size of a credit card that produces biodiesel by combining alcohol and vegetable oil directly, greatly speeding and simplifying production compared to traditional methods. By stacking many of these microreactors in parallel, a device the size [...]

Are energy vampires in your home?

In the April Issue of the UCS Green Tips, standby or phantom energy loss is detailed. From the issue: "This wasted energy, known as standby or phantom energy loss, represents a relatively small but growing percentage of an individual home's electricity use (about five percent), but taken across all U.S. households, adds up to an [...]

San Francisco's new energy source: Rover's poop

San Francisco is planning to use dog and cat poop to create renewable energy... Renewable is right... these pooches will do it every day! Check out the photo of Rover, straining to do his bit for his beloved city! I laughed till I cried... Go here to read the article. (Photo courtesy of Discovery News.)

Offset electricity costs through wind turbines

I live in a high-rise condo building, and during one of our building's board meetings, the discussion arrived at the topic of reducing electricity costs. Immediately I thought about the possibility of placing wind-driven turbines on the top of our building. There is always a good breeze up there, and the electricity produced by the [...]

A guide to saving energy

Given our dwindling energy resources, it makes good sense to conserve what we have left. If the phrase "dwindling energy resources" is news to you, welcome back to reality. Where have you been, and was it nice there? With these concerns in my mind, I've put together a list of energy-saving tips that will help [...]