I’ll have a regular coffee, please

Coffee... some say when you drink it, it's like flogging a tired horse. Sometimes you need to do that -- you need to push yourself a bit further and get that day's work done. And sometimes you just want to savor a well-made cup of coffee. It's a bit like meditation. You focus on one [...]

The boring sameness of Romanian restaurants

Romanian cuisine was (and still can be) wonderfully varied and delicious. Not only are there different dishes in each region of the country, but even the basics, the staple traditional dishes, are prepared differently from region to region. Visiting Romania should be a delectable experience for one's palate -- the potential and the means to [...]

Espresso at the Office Lounge

The Office Lounge is a restaurant and night club in Predeal, Romania. Its location is amazing. It sits on top of a mountain peak which overlooks an idyllic meadow and valley. Other mountain peaks frame the view all around. The restaurant has indoor space, but it also has a beautiful terrace where you can truly [...]

Espresso at Pizzeria New Croco

We stopped at Pizzeria New Croco in Cluj-Napoca last night, around midnight. Among other things, I ordered my usual espresso. It had a strong taste, the right aroma, a bit on the bitter side, but it was what I needed to keep me awake for a night trip that would last another few hours. Taste-wise, [...]

Espresso at Pensiunea Stejarul

A few days ago, on Tuesday, we'd woken up early to drive to Cluj, and we were passing a place I'd often wanted to stop at, but never found the time. The place is called Pensiunea Stejarul, and they're open 24/7. The setting for this restaurant is quite beautiful. It's high up on the tallest [...]

Espresso at Hotel As

The photo you see below doesn't tell the whole story, but I like photographing espresso cups, what can I say... It was a little past 6 o'clock in the morning this past Thursday, we'd been driving all night, it was snowing and freezing outside, there was black ice on the road, and we needed some [...]

Clatite at "La Patronul Meu"

There's a dessert in Romania called "clatite". It's similar to the French crepes, but the dough is prepared somewhat differently, and a clatita is also smaller and usually folded differently than a crepe. Some translate it into English as pancake, but that's not it either. They're definitely not as thick, the dough is different, and [...]