Details on film

Here are several details captured on 35mm film. I love how film is readily nostalgic whereas digital photographs have to be edited heavily in order to make them so. I think what that says about digital sensors is that there's plenty of work still to be done to them. Because to me, unless I feel [...]

Vignettes from DC

Try to guess where these photos were taken; some of the images might be readily recognizable to you if you're from the DC area. If you're wondering about the processing, they were captured on 35mm film with an Exakta EXA Ia camera, scanned in from the negatives and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

The Exakta EXA Ia analog camera

I got a fantastic present for Christmas from close friends of ours: an Ihagee Exakta EXA Ia analog camera. It apparently sat unused in a shop in Mexico since its factory production days back in the late 60s, still in the original box, waiting for someone to purchase it. It came with a whole kit [...]