Flowers for Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, so I’d like to wish all the women reading this a wonderful year in which their dreams come true.

Where would we (men) be without you? The answers to that question are frightening. I certainly wouldn’t be here without one particular woman (my mom) and I wouldn’t be the man I am without another particular woman (my lovely wife). Thank you both! 🙂

It’s a safe bet that all of you got flowers by now, right? Well, I’m going to top those gifts! I’m going to give you lots of flowers from all seasons and various geographic areas. They may be virtual, but they’re uploaded in high res, so you can download them and enjoy them in full screen. (An added plus is they won’t wilt.)

The Toy Train
Video Log

The toy train

Updated 11/02/2018: This video now has over 25,000,000 views. Thank you!

My wife gave me this great little train set as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I thought it’d be fun to film it in action one day, and when I edited the video, I looked for the right kind of music for some time. The end result was worth it though, and it sets the mood for the upcoming holiday season. Enjoy!

You can watch the video here or on YouTube. The soundtrack for the video is called “Choo Choo Train” by Daffy Dave.


The Gift that counts

Before we all get too wrapped up with gifts, food and parties this Christmas, let’s remember the one Gift that truly counts! Merry Christmas to all!