Italian road trip – Day 1 – Pisa

Our Italian road trip started in Pisa on February 18th. We arrived at Pisa Airport via Ryanair around 11 am. The airplane passed Pisa, then circled back over Livorno and landed. It was around noon that we got our luggage and rental car sorted out and left. On our way out, we took a wrong [...]

The Italian road trip

We came back yesterday morning from a wonderful week-long road trip through Italy. We started out in Pisa last Wednesday, February 18th, and returned from that same city yesterday, on February 25th. Before we left, we mapped out a circular route that cut through the following regions: Toscana, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Marche, Abruzzo, and Lazio. [...]

Living in a mad world

There are two things I want to talk about today. The first took place right here in the US, and the second happened in Italy. Both happened recently. We've got a conductor who has forgotten the US still means freedom. Apparently, a tourist, possibly from Japan, who knew very little English, was taking photos of [...]

Photos from Rome

In March of 1999 I visited Rome. It was my first trip to Italy and I had a wonderful time. I stayed with my brother, who at the time was on a 3-year fellowship there to do research. He studies myths and religions and does comparisons between deities in various cultures. He also collects folklore: [...]

Collosseum at night

At some point, I've got to photograph the Collosseum during the day, but I have a feeling it's not going to look nearly as dramatic as it does at night. This was back in '99, during some heavy renovations. I couldn't get in to see it from the inside.

Clasically overdone

I was wondering around Rome in the spring of '99, it was getting late, and I came across this big intersection with a huge, classically-styled building dominating the view. I'm pretty bad with names, but I think it was Piazza Vittoria. It looks like the building is still in use.

"Baby bonus" turns into PR headache

From Reuters Oddly Enough: "ROME (Reuters) - It all started with a pre-election letter by Italy's prime minister to more than 600,000 newborns..." Apparently outgoing PM Berlusconi promised 1,000 euros to all babies born in 2005, but forgot to mention only Italian babies would qualify. Now the government's asking immigrant families to return the money... [...]