That lovely sense of wonder

A kitten's curiosity is such an endearing quality. They manage to look so adorable while exploring their surroundings, with their tiny, slender bodies, big heads and large ears. They're so focused on what they're doing, so concentrated on observing an insect, or why a leaf rustles when they paw it, that you can't help loving [...]

Trixie comforts Mitzi

As I promised in my post about the birth of our six new kittens, here is a video that shows how close our two cats, Mitzi and Trixie, really are. They are sisters, from the same mother, and they've been together since birth, but even we were surprised by how caring Trixie could be toward [...]

Six new kittens born this past week!

Mitzi and Trixie, our two sister kittens, are about a year old, as I mentioned last week. And they were also recently pregnant. I say "were", because both of them gave birth to three beautiful kittens each, within the span of a few days, this past week. You can read the details below, or you [...]

Meet Trixie and Mitzi

I've said for some time that we have two kittens and a tomcat (actually, it's three kittens and a tomcat now), but I've never really introduced them to you. So here are Mitzi and Trixie, our first kittens, as they were the night we brought them home, in late June, 2009. They might look tame [...]