Internet access in Romania still much better than USA

Remember this article of mine, where I shared my thoughts on why broadband speeds are so far behind just about every other country in the USA? Well, the difference has just gotten even greater. A little under two months ago, I helped my parents in the US upgrade their broadband from AT&T's unreliable and slow … Continue reading Internet access in Romania still much better than USA

A lakeshore in winter

On the rocky shore of a fishing lake during a winter snowfall. In countryside of Transilvania, Romania, in the lake and hill region located somewhere between the cities of Ludus and Apahida, in the county of Cluj.

Merry Christmas!

Ligia and I wish all of you a Wonderful and Merry Christmas! Should you happen to celebrate something else, then Happy Holidays to you and yours! These are photos I've taken in the province of Transilvania, during the past several days, after a beautiful early winter snowfall blanketed most of Romania. If you'd like to … Continue reading Merry Christmas!