Our very own cherry blossoms

Sure, the Cherry Blossoms Festival draws big crowds in DC, but the cherry blossoms that really get me going are the ones in our very own garden! We have a truly wonderful cherry tree that grows next to our house. It makes the juiciest and most delicious cherries ever, and it makes so many of [...]

DC Cherry Blossoms in 2006

We had fun at the 2006 Cherry Blossom Festival, as you'll see from the photos. There were more people that year -- they grew from year to year, as I pointed out before. Ligia and I took our time walking around and I got some interesting photos as a result. I think when you compare [...]

DC Cherry Blossoms in 2003

Back in 2003, I visited DC to lay the groundwork for what would turn out to be a new period in my life. I say that because my time there was distinctly different from what I did before and also from what I'm doing now. It was about the time of the annual Cherry Blossom [...]