An idyllic Winter

We're getting clear signs that winter's winding down, but it's not going away without a fight. Where we live these days (Romania), meteorology reports say one more snowstorm is headed our way today, accompanied by strong winds (up to 60 km/h). If only all winter days would look like they do in these photos, I [...]

A snowy evening walk in Medias

Ligia and I went on a refreshing evening walk with friends last night, during a wonderful snowfall which lasted through the night and covered everything in about a foot of snow by morning. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and of course I took photos, lots of them. This is the center of the town, the place [...]

A lakeshore in winter

On the rocky shore of a fishing lake during a winter snowfall. In countryside of Transilvania, Romania, in the lake and hill region located somewhere between the cities of Ludus and Apahida, in the county of Cluj.