The Neamt Fortress

This medieval citadel was built on the peak of a mountain near Tg. Neamț in Moldova, Romania. The origins of the original fortifications are somewhat unclear, but there is clear historical proof that the citadel as we know it now took shape during the reign of Peter I, toward the end of the 14th century [...]

The Suceava Castle

The Castle of Suceava (Cetatea de Scaun a Sucevei) was the ruling place of a Romanian historical figure who has become the stuff of legend, namely Ștefan cel Mare, also known as Stephen III of Moldavia. He was "voivode" (ruler) of Moldavia from 1457 until his death in 1504. I'll let you read more about him [...]

A hike through the hills of Moldova

These are photos I've taken during a couple of hikes through the hills near the village of Strugari in Moldova, Romania. Here's a map of the area. It was the middle of March (the 14th and 15th) and spring had just arrived. Most of the grass was dry and leaves hadn't sprouted yet. As a [...]

On the road in Moldova

We traveled to the province of Moldova recently (not the Republic of Moldova, the province of Moldova, which is part of Romania, as was the Republic of Moldova at one time), and while on the road, I recorded these videos. The first is of the sunrise somewhere between Iasi and Piatra Neamt. I processed this [...]

A trip through Bucovina

As announced, we returned last week from a road trip that took me through northern Maramures, Bucovina, Moldova and northern Transilvania. (These are all provinces in Romania, by the way.) Ligia, my parents and I packed into our car and spent about 1 ½ weeks on the road, visiting various places, mostly in Bucovina. We [...]

Dog under window

This photo was taken at the house of Ion Creanga, near Iasi, Romania. He was a famous and dear writer of folklore and fairy tales, among other things (see Wikipedia for more details). This was his country cottage. It's called "Bojdeuca lu' Creanga" in Romanian. I took it last summer during a whirlwind tour of [...]