Star Wars and Kings Row theme songs are quite alike

When we watched Kings Row (1942) recently, I couldn't help noticing a marked similarity between its theme song, written by Erich Korngold, and the main Star Wars (1977) theme song, written by John Williams. I doubted I was the only one to hear it, and sure enough, a quick internet search revealed many others talking [...]

Luna by Malajube

Cool music video that involves synchronized swimming and hallucinations induced by a near-drowning experience. I'm making it sound weird, but it's very nicely done. The band is Malajube, and the song is called "Luna". With Nicolina Tokic and the Synchronized Swimming Club of Montréal-Nord, Aquana. Malajube || Luna from Dare To Care Records on [...]

United Airlines breaks guitars

In addition to stranding people in foreign cities, lying to them, and making them pay for their own stay, thereby breaking the rules of the Star Alliance, United Airlines now also breaks guitars. In March 2008, musician Dave Carroll flew with United Airlines through Chicago, where a fellow passenger witnessed his $3,500 Taylor guitar being [...]

Why music doesn't sound great any more

Growing up, I listened to music on vinyl records. I had a huge stack of mostly classical music at home, and it was a real treat to put on a record, sit the needle on it, and hear music come out of the speakers. It was never tiring. It was always enjoyable, and I could [...]

Funny videos

Here's the classic "Who's on first?" routine from Abbot and Costello. Must-see comedy -- still funny after all these years. It's interesting to see how they distilled bits and pieces from their earlier routines into this. Graham Chapman was part of that seminal group of British comedians known for "The Monty Python", and other [...]

Funny videos

A college professor reviews funny comments from his students on a class survey. Great fun! This is a stop-motion "seduction" dance, performed by two camcorders. Want to learn how to speak "body"? Look no further than this hilarious instructional video. When Bill Gates announced his retirement as CEO, David Letterman wanted to [...]

Easter Parade (1948)

"Easter Parade" is a veritable showcase of talent: Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Irving Berlin, Ann Miller... need I say more? There are many memorable scenes in this movie. One such scene is at the opening of the movie, where we see Fred, who plays Don Hewes, a famous dancer of his time, strolling through the [...]

Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)

I saw Gold Diggers of 1933 last night. It's a great musical from - you guessed it - 1933. It was part of a series of Gold Digger movies that WB put out during those years. This was the second in the series. It, and the first, Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929), were very successful, [...]

RIAA sues family that doesn't own a PC

This is funny, but in a very sad and surreal sort of way. The RIAA has now filed suit against a family that doesn't even own a computer. (!) They maintain the family shared songs illegally online, and they even published a list of those songs. I have to wonder how they shared the songs... [...]