My Neighbor, Steve Jobs

Wonderful thoughts on Steve Jobs from a neighbor in Palo Alto. The article shows a different view of Steve, that of the devoted family man. This article first appeared in Palo Alto Patch. My neighbor, Steve Jobs, has been in the news lately. The talk of the town is the recent announcement he will be [...]

Why not, Apple?

Finally got around to watching the Apple Special Event from 9/9/09, and was very glad to see Steve Jobs back at the helm. As I mulled over what I'd seen, two questions came to mind: If Apple could place a niftly little camera in the new iPod Nano, why couldn't they do it sooner for [...]

Words of wisdom from Steve Jobs

Found this video on YouTube, and just had to share it with you. It's the 2005 Stanford Commencement speech, and it's amazingly inspirational. In it, Steve Jobs tells three stories from his life, and each one has an amazing lesson for us to learn. Whatever you may think of the man, you can't argue with [...]