Leipzig Train Station

Inaugurated in 1915, Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (Leipzig main train station) is the central railway terminus in Leipzig, Germany. When its plans were finalized in 1909, it was the world's largest railway station. Today, at 83,460 square metres (898,400 sq ft), it is Europe's largest railway station measured by floor area. It has 19 overground platforms housed in six iron train sheds, a [...]

CFR still doesn’t get it

I last wrote about CFR (Caile Ferate Romane) -- the government-run railroad company -- in 2006, and -- in spite of the repeated government bailouts and consulting firms who have been called in to help them re-structure, and the IMF directives for their improvement -- things have gotten no better. Ligia and I rode on [...]

Christmas train show at US Botanic Garden

Every year, the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, DC, puts on a great Christmas show that features toy trains. These aren't your average toy trains, like my own set, but large-scale Lionel model trains, made of metal, lit up inside, painted carefully, running on metal tracks. The decor is also special. They put together [...]