Gravitational propulsion-levitation vehicle

I’ve had this idea for quite some time – since sometime in 1997 – and I’ve carried it around in my mind, not knowing how to bring it to fruition, and certainly not knowing if I wanted to share it with anyone.

I’ve decided to share this idea with the world because I don’t have the physics knowledge that can allow me to figure it out on my own, and given my current and past schedule, it doesn’t look like I’ll have the time to beef up on physics any time soon. I hope that by sharing it, I can reach someone in whose mind the various pieces I’m going to talk about will click. Maybe this is one person, or a team of people, but that’s the power of the Internet – I can put my idea out there and see what happens!

I have to concede that this is the stuff of science fiction, of Star Trek and Star Wars and the like, but I really do think it can work. I think what makes my idea different from the sci-fi iterations is that it’s grounded – literally and figuratively speaking. I’m talking about gravitation. I have an idea for a vehicle that can move and float by harnessing the gravitational force of the Earth.

Here’s how I think it can work. The gravitational force of the Earth pulls things down to the ground. But it’s a magnetic force. We are attracted by it. If we can somehow deflect the force of attraction, we can move left or right along the surface of the Earth – that’s gravitational propulsion! If we can reverse it, we can rise – that’s gravitational levitation! Okay, so how can one affect a magnetic field or force? Through a magnetic field of opposing polarity. The problem is, I have yet to see a magnet that falls up, not down!

Here’s where it gets interesting. I can offer you the following clues, and I hope that you can put them all together to arrive at a solution:

  • Create – on a small scale – a gravitational field like the Earth’s, and attract other objects to it – this could be microscopic, it doesn’t have to be on a large scale. Once we can create this, we can apply the technology to see if we can create a gravitational field that the Earth “doesn’t like” and thus rejects – if this works, it means we can float, or levitate.
  • Look at the following two products currently on the market. The principles upon which they work is very similar to the way my vehicle can work. One involves an oscillating magnetic pendulum whose direction is determined by the repulsion from neighboring magnetic fields. This illustrates my gravitational propulsion idea. The second is an anti-gravity top, which, once tuned correctly, rises and stays in mid-air while it rotates. Please understand I’m not endorsing or advertising the company selling these products or the products themselves. I’m simply using them to illustrate my ideas. I do think the products are really innovative. I first heard about the levitating magnetic top several years ago, and that’s what helped me think about how my gravitational propulsion vehicle could work.
  • I think the repulsing gravitational field can be generated through the rotation (either parallel or perpendicular, not sure) of a disc or series of discs. It may be that some will have to rotate perpendicularly while others rotate parallel to the Earth. The angle of rotation can be varied to generate propulsion, levitation, or both. I think an important first step would be to generate propulsion alone – 2D movement along the Earth’s surface. That in itself would be a monumentous achievement. Levitation can come later, after the propulsion is perfected.
  • The vehicle can be perpetually moving. A rechargeable battery can be used to set the rotating mechanism in motion, and once the vehicle is moving and generating its own energy – remember, magnetic fields can be used to generate electricity – the energy from the rotating discs can recharge the battery.
  • The same mechanism can be applied to power plants, once perfected. We’ll be able to generate electricity directly from gravitational energy – no more nuclear or coal plants! The best part is that gravitational energy is in endless supply!

Just think of the benefits if we can ever get this idea materialized! I can go on and on, but I’ll let you dream about it: driving over fields of flowers without trampling them under wheels, sailing over water without getting anything wet, floating along the Grand Canyon, putting your hand out the window and picking fruits directly from the top of a tree… We won’t need roads anymore. We won’t pollute anymore. We’ll be able to camp out at the top of Mount Everest, or in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean…

Updated 2/27/13: I watched a documentary entitled “Modern Marvels – Car Tech of the Future” tonight, and was glad to see that others are thinking about this very idea: the capability of controlling gravity through what they call a “gravity capacitor”. See the video on YouTube and turn to 1:26:20.


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  1. re: “We won’t need roads anymore.”
    Hey, there are enough crazies driving on roads as it is.
    What makes you think putting them up in the air is going to help?
    God forbid I should ever have to share the skies with little grannies who won’t turn their left signal off, and brainless teenagers texting nonsense and swooping around up there!

    re:” We won’t pollute anymore.”
    OK…we’re talking humans here. It’s a no brainer (no pun intended).
    If there’s a wasy to pollute anything, we’ll do it.


  2. Jose says:

    Hi, I am an Electric Engineering student and I am amassed by Nicola Tesla and his thinking. I believe that controlling the polarity of a magnetic field we could move objects at different speeds and levitate at will. Of course my thinking is very basic with no vast theoretical knowledge, yet. But this guys from Tesla motors they have this supper expensive electric cars that can run at high speed and the energy last for over 400 km. I don’t know if they thing on levitating cars in the future but that would be the next breakthrough.


  3. Zack H says:

    sorry to burst your bubble but gravity is not electronic it is a force of attraction of mass. every object in the universe has gravity the equation is G = 6.6726 x 10-11N-m2/kg2 however if you would like to try anti gravity. my personal view is the earth has a magnetic field thanks to our rotating iron core. if you could make a powerful electromagnet it is possible (in theory) to overpower gravity using this force. but b careful! once on i have no idea how high your device will go seeing as our electromagnetic field reaches much higher than our atmosphere. if you would like to reach me you can email me at


  4. Cale says:

    Gravity and magnetism are never directly connected. However, localized gravitational fields can be created using magnetism i.e. rotational/centrifugal forces (a rotating mass). Gravitational levitation can be achieved using an offset rotating mass receiving input from a powerful electric motor, and superconducting electromagnets opposing the outward centrifugal force of the offset rotating mass. The outward centrifugal force of the offset mass can be directed or vectored using the opposing superconductors and electronic circuitry. Since centrifugal force is exponential due to the velocity at which the offset mass is spinning, the directional acceleration of the levitating device is dependant on the revolutions per minute supplied by the electric motor as well as the opposing force of the superconducting magnets. Therefore, multi-directional levitation can be controlled in all axis.


    • I have found an abstract of one interesting article, taken from:…72.
      It would be very interesting to get hold of the complete published article.

      See below:

      Gravitational propulsion

      In its Gravitation Electromagnetic Theory p 72-82 (SEE N88-28790 22-77)

      The basics of gravitational propulsion are established. It is shown that it is feasible to conveniently arrange magnetic field lines of ultrastrong fields in a manner such as to cause gravitational changes designed to control local gravity. Gravitational propulsion makes it possible for spacecraft to move at speeds close to the speed of light. As the speed of the spacecraft approaches that of light, the masses of all the particles in the Universe start to increase significantly in relation to the spacecraft, as a result of the relativistic effect. Under such conditions, gravitational propulsion shall prove particularly advantageous, since the driving force in gravitational reactors is directly proportional to the masses of the particles in the Universe.



      • So the article was published in 1988. The part where other bodies in the universe get bigger as the speed increases is really interesting. I wonder what has happened to the author of that article since then.


  5. Absolutely, this is what I was thinking for my past 5 months. To create any vehicle that can levitate accordingly to the flux created and escape from the earth gravity. As being operated electrically, is environmentally friendly as well. But only the problem is the approximate power consumption would be very high though and anyway, would there be such levitation from any electromagnet? Literally I had a look at the hover-board created by the seniors of our School that made me work this thing quiet out in my brain. Anyway, feel good to find that there is someone who has a common thought like of mine indeed.


  6. Bace says:

    Forgot to mention… I’m a medical student NOT a physicist but i have some knowledge on the subject.
    I’m working on a magnetic rotax engine , similar to the internal combustion one but I can’t find any schematics for such a motor. If someone has info on some magnetic motor schematics please contact me on
    TNX all


  7. Bace says:

    Hi ,
    I have to agree with Chad… Perpetum Mobile I machines are not possible to make. I had my own idea and plan for one back in my young days(12-13 years old) , but after the calculation of the energy input and the energy loss via heat i was disappointed (I even considered liquid nitrogen 🙂 ) .
    What I’m saying is that the Perpetum Mobile I fails in the theory itself. Plus your type of vehicle is impossible to make because of everything Chad said and because the gravity(a form of magnetic energy) is a very weak form of energy. Sure… It’s strong on a global scale but when compared to the area on which you want to “deflect the force of attraction” it’s very weak. Try this… Take a very strong magnet(representing your anti-gravity vehicle) and a weaker magnet(representing the planet’s gravity pull ) of the same size and mass . Take a transparent tube (or make one from hard PVC foil) and slide the weaker one on the bottom. Now put the tube with the weak magnet on a hard surface and from the top drop the more powerful magnet with the same polarity facing each other . You will notice that it has no problem hitting the bottom magnet due to the mass being bigger than the force of repulsion . Now , do the same but with the more powerful magnet on the bottom. Here you will notice that the weaker magnet can’t reach the bottom one – the force of repulsion is bigger than the mass pressing down . Please consider the mass – power ratio… If your magnets are very weak to begin with you will get the same result.
    This is why you can’t build an anti-gravity maglev vehicle (not talking about the maglev train… that’s a different thing). If you want to make something levitate on the ground you will need a magnet so powerful and big it will look ridiculous and you won’t be going anywhere fast .


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  9. LJR says:

    I live in Florida and there was this guy that built this castle out of coral and supposedly he used some sort of anti-gravity device to move the large multi-ton stones.

    His name was edward leedskalnin. I have some of his pamphlets that he wrote but he was from somewhere in Europe and his english was hard to understand but he has a picture of the device on the cover of one of his writings.

    The name of the place he built is called “The Coral Castle”. If you type his name or The Coral Castle I am sure you will be able to access his writings. Good Luck!!!!

    Here is another guy: John Searl Check out this link:


  10. Jake casey says:

    I think your Idea is great, I have come up with some of “my own” ideas on this subject and also have a limited physics knowledge and would think it would be great to talk to someone who is interested in this.
    if you would like to hear my own Ideas please Email me


  11. We must be on the same brain wave. I was looking to see if there was something on levitating vehicles research and I found your article. I have had similar thoughts for years and recently wrote an article on my website about the 6,000 year old wheel invention that has long been obsolete. The internal combustion engine and its thirst for oil that is also obsolete.
    Like you, I am not a scientist but I know there must be a way. Ideas come from people like you and I; scientists just need to figure it out. So much has been accomplished with communication in such little time. I am certain that we can do the same with transportation if we put our minds and money into it. Once the break come thru it won’t take long to revolutionize transportation.
    I sense as you that the answer lies in magnetic fields and the ability to reverse gravity. If we could achieve such we could be catapulted into space instead of burning tons of fuel. The future of transportation has to be on levitation so that we can convey at different elevation levels without the use of the also outdated and expensive multi-lane highway. No more highways, traffic jams and oil dependency.
    Like you I will be waiting for someone to materialize our ideas.


  12. We must be on the same brain wave. I was looking to see if there was something on levitating vehicles research and I found your article. I have had similar thoughts for years and recently wrote an article on my website about the 6,000 year old wheel invention that has long been obsolete. The internal combustion engine and its thirst for oil that is also obsolete.
    Like you, I am not a scientist but I know there must be a way. Ideas come from people like you and I; scientists just need to figure it out. So much has been accomplished with communication in such little time. I am certain that we can do the same with transportation if we put our minds and money into it. Once the break come thru it won’t take long to revolutionize transportation.
    I sense as you that the answer lies in magnetic fields and the ability to reverse gravity. If we could achieve such we could be catapulted into space instead of burning tons of fuel. The future of transportation has to be on levitation so that we can convey at different elevation levels without the use of the also outdated and expensive multi-lane highway. No more highways, traffic jams and oil dependency.
    Like you I will be waiting for someone to materialize our ideas.


  13. Adriana, I don’t have his contact information, but you’ve got plenty to go on if you want to contact him. That snippet says he’s in the village Uzunu, county of Giurgiu, in Romania. You could try either calling that village and asking for his phone number/address, or going there. Good luck!


  14. Adriana says:

    I would like to get in touch with Ion Sripcaru. Do you have his information? I might be able to help him see his idea becoming reality.

    Thank you,



  15. Chad, I agree with you, it seems impossible, but I still think the key lies with somehow harnessing the gravitational energy, in one way or another.

    There’s a fellow in Romania who’s apparently done just that. It’s an engine that amplifies gravitational pull to produce movement. Here’s the snippet I just got in an email (it’s in Romanian):

    Ion Scripcaru, strungar si lacatus mecanic din satul Uzunu (Giurgiu) nu gaseste de 4 ani, 15.000 USD pentru a si realiza inventia epocala (pana la proba practica): motorul care nu consuma nimic! Acesta ar trebui sa functioneze pe baza gravitatiei, fiind in fapt “instalatie mecanica amplificatoare de putere, capabila sa transforme forta statica gravitationala in lucru mecanic”. “S-ar inchide toate centralele nucleare”, spune el. Numai ca OSIM (Oficiul de Stat pentru Inventii si Marci) a refuzat sa-i breveteze inventia in lipsa unei machete functionale, doar pe baza schitelor. Petre Roman si Ministerul Cercetarii si Tehnologiei l-au tratat cu indiferenta (1997), iar sponsorii nu se inghesuie (ca si statul) sa-i asigure cei 15.000 USD necesari…


  16. Chad says:

    I’m currently doing research for a University and am sorry to say that their are a couple of fundamental problems with this idea.

    Number 1:

    Gravitational and magnetic fields DO NOT interact with each other.

    Number 2:

    The idea of a perpetual motion machine is impossible, due to energy loss in the form of heat and other forces surrounding the machine. Perpetual motion can only work in a perfect vacuum with absolutely no external forces, even space (vacuum) isn’t a perfect vacuum.

    The spinning top works off of two magnetic fields opposing each other, and this is where thought should be focused. Find a way for the two opposing magnetic fields to exist on the same machine and still provide propulsion.

    Good Luck


    • 1) watch this series of 8 videos: – what this guy says is very interesting. Much of what he says sounds well-grounded, but I have no idea if he is true or just trying to sell a product. There is one thing he says that I do not agree with – he suggests that passengers in a UFO would not be exposed to so much inertia when making a sharp, high-speed turn, since time goes slower for them – I believe that this is in fact wrong and that by adding energy to yourself (e.g. in the form of mass or velocity, etc.) you slow down your own time and everything outside looks faster. On the other hand, if you are inside a vehicle with opposite gravity (if that’s possible) then perhaps you might be able to achieve the opposite effect.

      1a) Also read what I have written at:

      2) true, gravitational and magnetic fields do not interact.

      3) Also, magnetic fields affect metallic objects and similarly polarizable particles, while graviational fields are generated by energy (or, in its more concentrated form, “mass”) and affect energy/mass.

      4) A concentration of energy (or a mass) will always create gravitation and will always attract other such concentrations. The direction of the field is then associated with the direction of spin of the mass, which in turn might be affected by an interaction of two opposing fields (a magnetic/gravitational couple).

      5) I’ve actually started pondering recently at the idea that maybe anti-matter could have an anti-mass and therefore generate anti gravity…. But we know very well that anti matter is unstable and usually occurs together with an equal and opposite particle and would therefore live a very short life before recombining. On the other hand, if one could product a large amount of sustained anti-matter particles, eventually forming anti-matter molecules, then who knows – we might actually be able to create a large, stable, anti-mass…

      6) As for the concept of “free energy” – it is true, energy is never free because there are pretty much always some losses. They’re not energy losses, but simply energy dissipation, i.e. energy that has been converted to heat and not to the other energy (e.g. mechanical) we wanted to obtain. However, obtaining energy from gravity is not free – we are converting gravity’s energy. The difference is, that we might not need to invest more energy than we obtain, since the source is external (in solar energy we also don’t need to spend any energy). The thing is, when you harness energy from a gravitational field, just as when you harness it from a solar source, you affect the environment. For example, harnessing solar energy might cool down the planet (or it might produce some undesired effects), or harnessing energy from gravitation might affect the planet’s orbit around the sun, of the moon’s orbit around the planet… once we begin to harness a significant amount of energy from the gravitational field, there’s no way to know exactly what the outcome will be – it might even affect the shape or thickness or other attributes of the Earth’s atmosphere. This is what “no free energy” really means – we are not getting it for free, but are in fact converting it. It would be interesting, in my opinion, to see how this might affect a gravitational field. Now, given that magnetic fields are somewhat similar in nature, it might be a good idea to experiment with a magnet – harness some energy from the magnetic field and observe what happens to the magnet and the field around it.

      7) Note that magnetic fields have a very high energy-density. Not sure how this is form gravitational fields.

      8) If you have not noticed, my idea is slightly different form yours. I am not suggesting to use gravitation for obtaining a force, I am suggesting to convert gravitational field energy into electricity or another form of energy. By doing so, I assume it might be possible to have a virtually unlimited source of energy (not the possible effects mentioned about). Furthermore, if the gravitational energy can be converted, it might be possible to reduce, cancel, or oppose its attraction.

      Any thoughts? contact me.


      • Thank you for your comment, Ophir! I’ll have a look at the videos, think about what you said, and I’ll get in touch with you should I have any questions.


  17. Beth says:

    I’ve had my idea since I was 13 – it’s called the Global Gravitational Vehicle and its round runs on an augmented electical source like N. Tesla’s purple plasma and it repels or attracts gravity like a telescopic electro-magnet able to slingshot from planetary pull to planetary pull. I think I probably got the idea from the last 10 minutes of the 80’s movie “Starman” but, it was a great epiphany that I still think about. It’s a great idea but, right now, I just want an electric car….


    • 4whatItsWorth says:

      I also had a dream (alternate reality) where when I asked the crew of a spaceship how it was able to fly so far so fast, they told me it was because they used the planets own magnetic field and gravitational fields to travel. They could reverse attractions and repulsions by amplifying them in relation to the craft’s position. They basically said they would amplify gravity and pull or repel the ship from the planets. They needed no fuel for travel. All they had was a rotating mercury ball in the interior of the craft so they could create, manipulate, and magnify magnetics & gravity. There are also “rivers” or “slipstreams” (not wormholes) of pure energy that weave through our universe that they “ride” on. Since I didn’t see them, I imagine they are invisible to our eyes. But they use them too.
      So know you have the information that was given to me in a dream. For what it’s worth.
      In another dream I asked how the light elevator worked. The light elevator was a blue light platform that raised and lowered inside a blue light column, to get and leave a ship. They said it was compterized light functions, that the disc we stood on weighed each occupant so even if they walked around the disc they rode on stayed level. As for the light column walls of this light elevator, You walked through them to get on, but when the disc was moving you could not get off. I was afraid of falling off the disc through the light wall, and it was explained to me to be impossible becuase the light wall of the column “read” force, and when pushed on it reacted by applying the same force back. You couldn’t go through the wall if you wanted to, as long as the disc platform you stood on was in motion.


  18. If you could please contact me we may be able to help each other with a real possibility of a craft of magnetic possibilities as I have had a dream of such an invention since I have been 8 years old I am now 33 and am 100 percent certain that with a few additions and modifications of the magnetic lifting top we can finalize such a creation to be beneficial to our planet and way of life of not just travel but an energy supply of unimaginable proportions. Also the E-Mail address is not a real one it is my phone number. I do not own a computer thus no E-Mail address.


    • Rodney Smith says:

      i have built a prototype of a levitation system, the protoype worked but poor craftsmanship didnt allow it to stay levitated for long. My wife was excited but my career doesnt allow a lot of free time, i should find a partner but its hard to trust someone.But my theory has been tested and true. i call it the push system, no magnets needed


      • Rodney, if indeed your prototype worked, you should find the time to build another, more robust one. By all means, get to work on it and make it work. It would be a huge breakthrough, and would, needless to say, make you a very rich man.


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