White's Ferry and Edwards Ferry

A few weeks ago, Ligia and I visited White’s Ferry and Edwards Ferry, both on the Potomac River here in Maryland. We’d been to White’s Ferry before and knew what to expect, but hadn’t yet been to Edwards Ferry, which is hidden away and harder to get to. Both are very close to the C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) canal, but while White’s Ferry only has a decrepit, rusty bridge as a reminder of the Canal (no water, mind you), Edwards Ferry still has the gatekepeer’s house, intact, a bit of water, and part of the lockgate. It’s also a more intimate, historically preserved location than White’s Ferry.

Just in case you’re wondering, Edwards Ferry has no ferry anymore (White’s Ferry does), but it does have a public launch ramp for boats, which is still actively used. We hiked around both locations, and also along the C&O Canal tow path, and took photos.

Canoes for rent at White’s Ferry

Glimpse the Potomac

White’s Ferry in action

Potomac River at White’s Ferry


Shapes in the mud


C&O Canal Towpath

Trees have faces too

Historic White’s Ferry

Meadow at White’s Ferry

Launch ramp at Edwards Ferry

At Edwards Ferry launch point

Gatekeeper’s House at Lock 25

Lock 25 on the C&O Canal


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