Downtown Bacau, Romania

Bacau is one of the bigger cities in Romania. I had a chance to visit its downtown area this September. I’d never been there before, so I stopped to take a few photos. It was early on a Sunday morning, so there weren’t many people on the streets.

I love the northern Italian architectural elements used in the facade of the Bacau Theatre building, especially the upper floor, with its balcony, arches and mini-towers.

Teatrul Municipal Bacovia

The entrance to the theatre is quite imposing:

Entrance to Bacau Theatre

Across the street from the theatre, you can see this large condominium building (at least I assume it’s condominiums, I doubt they’re all offices.) I thought the architectural plan was a good way to make a square shape look interesting. It looked pretty good, but, as one finds in Romania, ads were plastered all over its sides. I wonder what the people living in those apartments now obscured by the posters must think of it all. Are they getting paid? Are they just getting annoyed? Who knows.

Vodafone Bacau

Right next door to the building above, we can see a monster left over from communist times… At least this dying breed of an apartment building is one of the better ones I’ve seen in Romania. One mostly sees nasty, crumbling, weather-stained concrete ruins when it comes to communist architecture. This particular building looks pretty well maintained, too. Of course, its central location might have something to do with that.

Complex Comercial Junior

A little ways down the street, we find the public library, but the building is in sore need of restoration. I’m not sure if it’s still being used, but I’d love to get inside it at some point in the future. It could lead to some interesting photographic opportunities.

Biblioteca Bacau

Here’s another view of the library, from the back:

Almost in ruins

There was a public park in the area, with art on display. I found a modern statue, and some post-modern wooden carved poles, styled after folk themes.


Abstract wooden sculpture

Hidden behind the park and public library, I found the Bacau Ateneu. One of our friends plays the violin over there. 🙂

Ateneu Bacau

Further down the street, you’ll see the county government building. This is the main entrance:

Consiliul Judetean Bacau

I liked the clasically-styled architecture, typical of turn-of-the-century construction. Here’s a window detail. Notice the stucco stripes, columns and arches.

Striped and arched

That concludes my sightseeing tour of downtown Bacau. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to visit it again in the future and take more photos. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Downtown Bacau, Romania

  1. Raoul:

    Great videos. My family came to the US from Bacau region around 1900. Supposibly from a city called Ciganemia. I can’t find any such city today. Does this ring a bell to you?


  2. glacial says:


    I was wondering if someone else has more pictures. I was born in Bacau and lived there as a child until 1983 when my parents escaped to Germany and later to the UK. I’ve not been there ever since. I have vague recollections. I went to a school called sth like school number 18.
    We lived somewhere called Strada Bancii. Do these places still exist?

    Any pictures will be much appreciated.



    • Sorry, I only visited the downtown area. I’m sure others have photos from other sectors of the city. Try doing a search on Flickr and see what you find.


  3. genu says:

    Dear Mr. Raoul,
    Being from Bacau,I’d like to infdorm you that I realised a musical movie for YouTube, in which I Used some of your Photos .I’m sorry that I did that without your anticipate permission, but I hope you’ll understand that I did that for remembering my band. and not for commercial use.I’d like your quick answer, be positive.
    Genu Cambos


    • At least you confessed your sin, Genu. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know and good luck with your band. Just remember, commercial, for-profit users of my photos must first license them from my catalog.


      • genu says:

        Million Thanks,
        I’ll send you the you tube link, to see yourself the results. Thank you very much!


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  6. genu says:

    Frumoase poze, fiule, desi unele, nu-mi reamintesc orasul, asa cum il orice caz tot respectul!


  7. Buna…. that’s about all my Romanian right now,. but I hope to learn a few more phrases before I go to Bacau to judge a festival of solo shows at the city theatre! Thanks so much for a sneak preview of what I’ll see when I get there.


  8. Teo says:

    Hey Raoul,

    Interesting pictures,but i waqnt to let you know,the second picture,with those banners over the windows is Hotel “Decebal” in Bacau,so I think they knew if those banners will bother somebody or not!
    The modern statue represents our local and national poet George Bacovia!
    Now maybe you got some more informations for the future!!


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