Bethesda Flea Market

Friends of ours and we visited the Bethesda Flea Market recently. I forgot to take my 5D along, and used our little Kodak v610 compact. Still, I got some nice photos, and wanted to share them with you.

I’d passed by the market many times, but never bothered to stop before. I’m glad our friends convinced us to finally have a look, because it was a lot of fun to stroll around and look at the items put up for sale. We walked away with two nutcracker sets, and a few old song scores, and we found them at bargain prices.

A lot of oriental rugs were up for sale.

Ali’s flying carpets

Some mannequin was laughing her head off while hanging around…

Laugh your head off

There were many colorful beads and stones for sale. Being obsessed with color, I was sorely tempted to buy a few.

I was told she likes these

Vanity, thou art a beady-eyed vamp

I liked the way sunlight lit up this green embroidery.

Sunlit embroidery

I’m not sure these “nature flavored” prunes would be very tasty. They sure are an odd looking bunch, aren’t they?

The “Nature Flavored” prunes

Found an old Royal typewriter. It must have been nice when only those things were around. One had time to think about what they were writing, about every word, as they put it on the page. It’s much too easy to dash something off nowadays…

It spells QWERTY

Hershey’s still has a kiss for you.

A kiss for you

Nothing but Standard Seeds for her.

Standard Seeds for her

These doors are showing their age, but then that’s the fun of antique furniture, isn’t it?


Here are some African doors for good measure. These were about 5 feet tall.


It’s hip to be square.


Don’t bowl me over.

Multi-colored bowls

Some fashionable item of sorts… Still can’t figure out if that’s a snake or baby aligator. If it’s a snake, why are there little feet dangling off from the neck? Strange to say the least…

A fashionable item

There’s a shadow over the Capitol… We’d be fortunate indeed if that were the only shadow over our Capitol. Between the lobbyists and the politicians, this country is just about suffocated by all that “patriotic” love… Quick, someone pull out a flag and wave it! It’ll make everything better…

Shadow over the Capitol

The Bethesda Flea Market even has a website. Who knew! 🙂 All in all, it was a pretty fun trip!


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