Week 1 of the 2008 Community Challenge

I mentioned Trevor Carpenter’s 2008 Challenge in a previous post. The aim is to document your community through photos, something I’ve been doing all along, but it’s fun to participate anyway. Here are my two photos for this week — I couldn’t really keep to one…

They’re both taken from our terrace in the morning hours. The first is taken at daybreak, just as the sun was about to surface over the horizon.

Here comes the sun

This second photo is taken an hour and a half or so after sunrise, but on a cloudy morning. As you can see, conditions were quite unusual, and the cloud cover created a sort of backlit canvas filled with soft colors.

A canvas lightly lit

One last thing: Trevor’s December Challenge, which encouraged people to shoot one portrait per day through the entire month, has come to an end, and he’s got a nice recap with portrait highlights. Check it out!

Good work, Trevor! It’s wonderful to see more people participating in these sorts of projects, and being encouraged to better their photography.


5 thoughts on “Week 1 of the 2008 Community Challenge

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  4. Wow, Trevor, your comment floored me. I’m humbled by it and glad to see I somehow managed to inspire you. Thank you!


  5. Thanks Raoul. I’m really excited to see you join the 2008 Challenge. Your photography has been a great inspiration to me for nearly two years. My own involvement in the online photography world began when I found your blog.


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