Verizon math

See this video, which features recorded audio between a frustrated Verizon customer and Verizon customer service, whose math skills are below those of a fourth grader. Verizon customer service just cannot grasp the concept of cents and dollars, and the hundred-fold difference between the two, and insist repeatedly that $0.002 equals 0.002¢.

The conversation goes on while the customer tries to explain the difference to them, and why he shouldn’t be charged what he was charged on his bill, given the advertised price, but the Verizon rep, and then a Verizon floor manager, just cannot get it. The customer got the equivalent of blank stares in spite of repeated explanations. Question is, should those reps be allowed to work in the billing department at Verizon when they have little or no math skills and lack the mental capacity to learn such skills when they’re explained to them?

Is it any wonder I (and countless other people, I’m sure) had billing problems with them when I wanted to terminate my service last year?

[via Hacked Gadgets]

2 thoughts on “Verizon math

  1. What’s really sad is that no one at Verizon looked at a $71 bill for 38KB of data (not MB or GB) and thought, “That seems excessive.”


  2. If that weren’t so sad – it would be funny. We had some billing problems when we canceled our Verizon service last year. Finally got it straightened out. Now they’re just sending us notices of $ 0.00 bills each month.


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