Romania Through Their Eyes

Romania Through Their Eyes – Chuckk Hubbard

I published the fourth episode of Romania Through Their Eyes late last night. It’s an interview with an American, Chuckk Hubbard, who’s from Philadelphia.

Chuckk’s story is interesting, because he chose to come to Romania to be with his Romanian wife, Irina Hasnas. They met while in college. Irina was there on a Fulbright scholarship, and Chuckk was studying music composition. At the end of their studies, Irina had to return to Romania (it was stipulated in the contract of her scholarship), and Chuckk came with her. They’ve now been here for almost four years, and in the interview, Chuckk talks about his experiences during that time.

I need to apologize because some fragments of the video are out of focus. It was a camera malfunction which I didn’t notice until the editing stages, weeks after the shoot. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust focus in post-production, although it would certainly be a very useful feature for any piece of software.

On a more fun note, has anyone noticed a pattern in the release dates for the show’s episodes?

Episode RTTE-004-EN-HD
Released 5/5/11

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