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Respect and Discrimination

So often in life we meet with situations where the question of respect and discrimination comes up in our minds. We get to decide whether to extend respect or to discriminate and after the fact, probably question our decisions, wondering whether we did the right thing.

In this video from “The Elegant Gentleman” series, I wanted to talk to you about the meanings of these two words and to give you a few simple criteria (such as appearance, personal hygiene and behavior) for evaluating a person or a situation that should ease your decision-making process.  I should make it clear here that I refrained from talking about the more controversial meaning of the word “discrimination” in my video, simply because it’s not the word’s primary or even secondary meaning; it is something we’ve chosen to associate with the word in recent times, which perhaps says something about the state of our society.

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One thought on “Respect and Discrimination

  1. kelogs says:

    I’d better stick to its primary meaning. Discrimination is, or should be, a natural phenomenon. Why liing ourselves that pink is same as green when they are obviously not ? Sam goes for people. Without discrimination the world would be such an annoying place! Stop the politically correctness madness!


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