A killer 8-hour arm workout

I’d like to show you a marathon 8-hour arm workout that is not for the weak of heart (or body). This is for the dedicated few that really want to go the extra mile in order to grow. If you think that this is too grueling, too taxing, or that it can’t be done without steroids, then do not do it. For those of you that do end up doing it, be prepared to stop when your body tells you it can’t go on. Listen to your body! It’s one thing to push through a plateau or to go on when you’re tired, and it’s quite another to tear a muscle or a ligament in a misguided search for vain glory at the gym.

We all reach certain stages in our workout routines when we need to shock the body and this workout will definitely do the trick — if you can get through it, and most people can’t. I couldn’t. I tried it and got through five hours of it before I had to call it quits.

You’ll understand it best once it’s explained to you in this video featuring Rich Piana. Don’t be fooled by his tattoos and intimidating demeanor, he’s a nice guy who’s been publishing all sorts of informative bodybuilding videos. Sadly, he’s also passed away recently, possibly due to his overuse of steroids. At least he was open about his usage, unlike most other pro bodybuilders.

Following the instructions in the video, I made an infographic, a guide to help you out. Just print it and you’ll be set.

8-hour Arm Workout

4 thoughts on “A killer 8-hour arm workout

  1. chris says:

    rich piana I did your crazy 8 hour arm workout me and my mate I started it at 10am and finished bout 6ish pm and im dying I mean it fucked me up my elbows hurt front of my shoulders my freakn lats this workouts crazy I didn’t measure my arms and I can promise you I wont even bother the workout speaks for its self im so tired budy I realy m but I have to ask did you realy drink 16 shakes I could only stomach I think 10 anyway can this be done for legs chest back going to smash it next weekend for chest as you say brotha kill it and my man I did


    • Chris, thanks for the feedback, but you do know this isn’t Rich Piana’s blog, right? And that he most likely won’t know you posted your comment here and won’t read it? I’m not affiliated with him in any way.


  2. This guy is a beast, and I’ve been following him for a couple years now. Just a beast. Even with injuries, he still keeps going. Doing what it takes to make a champion’s physique. Great post, man.


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