I was going through my archives tonight and realized I hadn’t posted these photos from Rockville. They were taken in 2008. I think I have a few more from 2006 or 2007, I’ll dig those up at some point. Enjoy!


A few photos from Rockville, MD


2 thoughts on “A few photos from Rockville, MD

  1. Hey there, Raoul! Just had to say “what’s up!” I found your video on the bed you made, and decided to check out your blog. I see we’re neighbors. I work across from White Flint mall and live in Silver Spring. Great to see another local doing their YouTube thang 🙂

    Serena @ Thrift Diving


    • Hello Serena, thank you for saying hi! We were neighbors until 2008, when I moved to Romania. Those photos were taken before I left. All the best, Raoul.


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