We recently purchased an ornate Baroque wall clock which was working perfectly fine at the store. When we got it home and put it on the wall, we discovered that the crystalline chime it makes each half-hour had disappeared. I assumed that it was a minor issue, so I opened it up carefully, after which I discovered that the hammer which struck the bell inside the mechanism had gotten stuck during the transport. After I got it unstuck, the clock started chiming again. Not an earth-shattering discovery but we were happy. Here’s a look at the process:


On-Off Alarm Clock

New Alarm ClockEngadget has a post about this, and I couldn’t help writing one either. This looks like a pretty cool alarm clock, and the price is very reasonable given that it’s made by a designer. The clock is angle shaped, and it has two positions. One side is for alarm-on, and the other for alarm-off. I have to ask the same question Engadget did. Is there a Snooze functionality?

Here’s the link to the designer’s site (Nina Tolstrup), and here’s the link to the Engadget post. Photo courtesy of Nina Tolstrup and GreenerGrassDesign.