Enough with aiding society’s trash

I am fed up with all of the aid that the world's various governments give to society's trash. How long have we been doing it? In some form or another, governments have been handing money out to people, with surprisingly little control over who gets it, for almost 100 years now. The way these programs [...]

Beware the creepy crawlies

It definitely pays to watch out for bed bugs, because a rare bite or two may turn into hundreds of bites per night, after the filthy little critters begin to multiply. The National Geographic put together a video that shows how bed bugs crawl out of the walls to bite people right before dawn, when [...]

The decline of personal hygiene

I've come across so many pungent body odors lately that I'm led to assume personal hygiene is no longer important to people. Just yesterday, I was in a department store, and two different people smelled so bad I almost vomited as they walked by me. They're not isolated incidents, either. I've seen people of all [...]

Riding on the CFR

While in Romania to take care of family matters, I've had the displeasure of riding on the CFR (Caile Ferate Romane), which can be translated as the Romanian Ferovial Transport, or Romanian Railroads. Its equivalent in the States is Amtrak. They're both state-run, and that's where the similarity ends. There are four classes of trains [...]