Today, our cats became CATS

Today, our cats became CATS. They've been catching mice all afternoon. Each of them caught at least 4 or 5 mice, after we broke up a mice colony in our garden (aka an old hay pile). Finally... I kept watching them all summer, unsure of how to react to mice. I even brought them mice, [...]

Beware the creepy crawlies

It definitely pays to watch out for bed bugs, because a rare bite or two may turn into hundreds of bites per night, after the filthy little critters begin to multiply. The National Geographic put together a video that shows how bed bugs crawl out of the walls to bite people right before dawn, when [...]

The mole cricket

Q: What insect from the Gryllotalpidae family burrows around people's gardens and eats the roots of freshly planted vegetables? A: The mole cricket. This nasty critter, which grows to 2 inches or more in length (I've seen some that were over 3 inches), has strong forelimbs that it uses to dig around in gardens here [...]