Bread with cottage cheese

Take some whole wheat bread of medium to light consistency, and spread cottage cheese over it. Then take some ready-made pasta sauce (use your favorite,) and spread that on top of the cottage cheese. This goes well with some nice, spicy tea like Masala, Bengal Spice or Rooibos.

Parmesan on whole wheat bread

Spread butter (I use soy butter) on heavy whole wheat bread (this should be high quality, dense, stiff bread.) Take grated parmesan cheese and spread it on top. Don’t be afraid to pile it on, you’re not making a dainty little cracker, you’re making a tasty snack. For an extra kick, slice crispy, fresh cucumbers [...]

Sardines with feta cheese

Get some quality canned sardines, spread them on the plate, and crush them by pressing on them with a fork. Spray them abundantly with lemon juice, then slice up some imported feta cheese and spread it over the sardines. Delicious, isn’t it?