A walk through Georgetown

I’m almost done post-processing a series of photos I took during a walk through downtown Georgetown back in February. I used my new WCR (wide color range) method as I worked on them.

The day of the photo shoot, it was a blisteringly cold winter morning, and even though Ligia and I were both bundled up, we froze to our very marrow. If there’s one improvement I could suggest to the EXIF data currently stored inside photos, it’s that it also store the outside temperature, including the wind chill factor. I think that would really help put a photo in perspective. But I digress…

In spite of the cold, I had a wonderful time, taking photos left and right. Ligia, not so much. She just froze and tried to put on a happy face in spite of the cold. She’s so sweet! She was basically there for my support, because she knows photography makes me happy. We walked up and down Wisconsin Avenue, which cuts right through the heart of Georgetown and goes all the way down to the Potomac River.

Georgetown is a wonderful little neighborhood, and its quaint, colorful architecture is what sets it apart from everything else around. It has kept that spirit of the late 1800s, and most of it is still composed of beautiful little townhouses, each adjoining the other but separated from it by color and design. I’d love to be able to photograph all of it and publish all of the good photos online. Because it’s somewhat small, I think that goal is attainable in the near future.

Tall tower



Red lipstick



In 1667


Rooms with a view

1640 Wisconsin

Bedroom windows


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