After a week on the RPM System

I recorded a video last night, after my third workout on the RPM System. I’ve completed a week’s worth of workouts, and I can already feel the program’s effect on my body.

My core muscles have begun to tighten, and my muscle tone is improving. I like the slow burn I get in my muscles after the workouts — not enough to make things painful, but just enough to let me know I’ve done some nice work, and that my body’s getting better.

The interesting thing about the workouts is that they’re easy to under-appreciate, until you begin to do them. You start doing the exercises, and you think it’s a piece of cake, until you get to the second or third run-through (it’s circuit training, remember), and your muscles begin to give up, and you’re drenched in sweat and gasping for air.

I thought I’d post some “before” photos, so I can track my progress accurately. I’ll use these, along with my initial measurements, to see how my body improves as I advance through the workout regimen.

I expect to see noticeable results. I don’t expect to see large increases in muscle mass — the RPM System focuses on aerobic workouts — but I do expect to see my body fat dropping, and my muscles getting more defined. I also expect to see an increase in agility and explosive power.

As you can see from this photo of my front, there’s a fair bit of fat accumulation around my mid-section, and those are love handles on the side. Muscle mass is minimal, and what there is, lacks proper tone. My abs are hidden under a layer of fat, although you can still see their basic shape somewhat.

This photo of my side shows what happens when you sit in front of the computer all day. My posture is screwed up. You can see my neck craning forward from all that squinting at the monitor. You can clearly see the lack of muscle tone in my pecs and my abs… and I could on and on about what’s wrong here.

My back still resembles its former self somewhat, but again, I can see plenty of muscle atrophy, and a lack of muscle tone in the remaining muscle. I can also see the love handles.

The normal person may look at these photos and think I’m being overly critical, but here’s how I used to look.

Perhaps now you begin to see the difference, right?

By coincidence — or who knows… all I know is that I didn’t plan it — the photo you see above was taken 12 years ago, on May 20th, 1998. And it was on May 20th, 2010 that I did my first workout on the RPM System. I was floored when it occurred to me earlier today.

If you’d like to try out the RPM System, use this code (553677456) which will get you a free week’s trial.


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