An arms workout

Here's a recent arms workout I did, filmed by Ligia: I performed the following exercises: Warmed up with standing dumbbell curls, followed by regular sets of the same, Triceps rope extensions, Standing curls with preacher bar, Dips, Concentration curls, Alternate sets of prone and supine triceps pulldowns and My original variation on one-arm preacher [...]

A chest workout

Here's one of my chest workouts, captured on video by Ligia recently. I warmed up with standing cable flyes, followed by the workout, which consisted of incline dumbbell presses, dips, machine chest presses, lying cable flies and incline dumbbell flyes. I talked about each exercise in various detail, giving advice gleaned from my experience. At [...]

After six weeks on the RPM System

I'm overdue to give my six week re-assessment of the RPM System -- two weeks late to be precise, since I started on May 18th. I've had good reasons: travel, and some heavy-duty work to get my wife's raw food recipe book ready for the printers. (I handled the photography, the layout and the design.) I [...]

The RPM System just got better!

As I mentioned in some of my recent posts, I recently (5/18) started on the RPM System, a new fitness regimen that you can do with only an exercise ball and an exercise band, and I love it. I recently passed my 6-week progress point, and I plan to post the results from that re-assessment this [...]

Started on the RPM System today

I've always had an abiding interest in exercise. Perhaps it was brought on by the fact that I was very thin as a child. I was shorter, thinner and looked much younger than my age as I grew up, and I got fed up with being treated like a little boy. When I got to [...]