Romania Through Their Eyes

Romania Through Their Eyes – Tom Lovelock

The second episode of my show, Romania Through Their Eyes, has just gone live. This interview features Tom Lovelock, who is originally from the UK, but has spent a good number of years in Africa and the Middle East, most recently in Qatar. He moved to Romania with his wife six months ago, and they intend to stay here permanently.

As with the first episode, both English and Romanian subtitles will be available. In order to access them, you’ll need to see the video directly on YouTube, so either click on the video above, or click on the link below. Once on YouTube, use the CC button to select the language for the subtitles.


Episode RTTE-002-EN-HD
Released 3/3/11


5 thoughts on “Romania Through Their Eyes – Tom Lovelock

  1. Tony H. says:

    Just to say I really enjoyed that monologue by Lovelock, Raoul. His cheeky chappie, droll Eastender humour had me grinning and hooked right to the end.

    The moral of the story has to be, “When in Romania, do as the Romanians do”. Anyone who settles down in someone else’s country ought to have the decency and good manners to do that at the very least.

    Technically, the abrupt edits between takes were a little jarring I have to say. Not enough to spoil a fine yarn though. Smooth fades next time?

    Fat dogs pretending to be ‘wild’…yes!


    • Thank you Tony. Your feedback is welcome, and I’ll see what I can do for the next episode. There was a lot of editing done in order to create the “fine yarn”. 🙂


  2. Mihai C. says:

    Imi place, felicitari pentru acest proiect…! o sa il urmaresc in continuare…


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