We (Ligia and I) present episode 16 of Ligia’s Kitchen, published for your viewing pleasure late last night. It shows you how to make a nutritious green smoothie. The green smoothie is, of course, a basic raw vegan recipe, but one which is often prepared incorrectly. If the fruits and vegetables used as its ingredients aren’t properly selected, the wrong combinations might give you indigestion or flatulence… While most men enjoy a little potty humor, it’s never funny when others are laughing about us, so do take care to observe this recipe — or other well-known green smoothie recipes — properly.

There is one small correction to the video, which we only observed in the final editing step. It’s only noticeable for those who speak Romanian. Ligia says at one point we should “alter” the kinds of green leafy vegetables used in the green smoothie. What she meant to say was “alternate”, or switch between various kinds of leafy vegetables, so as to offer some needed variety in the taste of this daily drink.

LK-016-RO-HD with English subtitles
Released 5/2/11