Ligia’s Kitchen: Kombucha Tea

After about three months on hiatus, during which we re-purposed one of the rooms in our house as a studio for the show and renovated it from top to bottom, we're back with a new episode of Ligia's Kitchen! It's a recipe for Kombucha Tea, a delicious probiotic beverage that will replenish your body with [...]

Pressing Grapes through a Traditional Wine Press

This autumn, we made grape juice from our grape harvest, using a traditional wine press. This video shows you the process and explains how the grape juice can be stopped from fermenting using either the traditional method, which involves heating it up, or the horseradish method, which will allow you to keep it raw, unaltered [...]

Ligia’s Kitchen: The Elixir of Youth

Here's the latest episode from Ligia's Kitchen: a fun mocktail we call "The Elixir of Youth". We had a ton of fun making this video, as you'll be able to see when you watch it and see the outtakes. The reason the presentation's different is because YouTube and My Drunk Kitchen asked us to make [...]

Ligia’s Kitchen: Green Smoothie

We (Ligia and I) present episode 16 of Ligia's Kitchen, published for your viewing pleasure late last night. It shows you how to make a nutritious green smoothie. The green smoothie is, of course, a basic raw vegan recipe, but one which is often prepared incorrectly. If the fruits and vegetables used as its ingredients [...]

I like Snapple Lime Green Iced Tea

Not much to say other than I like it. I had it this past week, and it's got a nice, refreshing taste. I already like green tea anyway, and if you're going to flavor it with lime, then sweeten it just right, I can't say no. Oh, and it's definitely much better than this stuff.